About Me!

Location: Czech countryside; en route to Prague, Czech Republic

It is I! Just your everyday study abroader!

And what a perfect title that is — “study abroad”; not so much because you’re studying while abroad, but rather the abroad is what you’re studying. I chose DIS Copenhagen (Medical Practice & Policy) for two very basic reasons:

  1. Copenhagen seems like a fun city
  2. I want to pursue medicine

Clearly, I’m a pretty simple guy with some easy niches to fill. Nonetheless, DIS Copenhagen really fit the mold. DIS’ Medical Practice & Policy program will allow me to learn cutting edged medicine from real medical doctors. My liberal arts background has really fueled my passion for the sociological side of medicine which I am excited to explore while in Copenhagen. Additionally, seeing as healthcare in the United States is a rather divisive topic, I am excited to see how our Danish doctors and administrators across the pond structure an antithetical healthcare system: universal healthcare. As a prospective doctor, it is imperative to explore the nuances of varying healthcare systems as to ensure the utmost care for future patients. After all, in the United States, the medical mantra is to Do No Harm.

As for my personal interests: I love to travel (obviously), learn, and write poetry. I am an amateur runner, professional napper and dog lover, closeted Europhile, attempting artist and doctor, and music adventurer (always down to listen to new types!). Enjoy my trips around København and the rest of the beautiful mainland, Europa!


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